Halloween Party Ideas

Updated: Sep 6, 2019

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The witching month of October is finally upon us and everyone is planning their big Halloween Celebrations from costumes to hated houses.

We have ideas for all you ghouls!!!

For the Little Bears

Treat Station

Rather than handing out candies and sweets to your guests or trick or treaters, how about doing a Treat Station?

•Use your side table in the house or hiring a table from here https://www.littlebearsparty.com/tables-plinths

•Cover with black cheesecloth table cover or gauze fabric

•Place various sided Pumpkins to create highs or you can purchase decorative glitter pumpkins and keep for every year. You’ll find these in Spinneys and The Party Centre Stores. As an alternative, you could paint your real pumpkin like this https://tipjunkie.com/easy-halloween-pumpkin-carving-ideas/

Photo by Rebelsaurus (Katie Harp)

•Add fake spiders and fake skulls to the table

•Then add your treats. You can have plates of cookies wrapped in cellophane, jars of hollowed frog eyes (apple sour rings), jars of monster brains (jelly worms), jars of dried rats tails (black liquorice), plates of ghost cupcakes.

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•If you want to make the table a more fun and party focused why not book one of our balloon garlands https://www.littlebearsparty.com/bespoke-balloon-decoration to hang over one side of the table or even having our BOO foil letters

•Don’t forget goodie bags if you are setting this up for a party so your guests can take some of the candies home.

Halloween Games

•It’s a classic but it’s got to be done….. Bobbing Apples!!! 🍎 Grab a large bucket or bowl, put 5 - 20 apples in, add water and away you go!

•Pumpkin Hunt — Using real, fake or down pumpkins, see which team can find the most.

photo by Rawpixel

•Wrap The Mummy — In teams or pairs, wrap up one team member as fast as you can as a mummy using toilet paper or crepe paper. Best mummy wins

•Pin the Smile on the Pumpkin — A Pin the Tail style game

•Guess How Many? — Using a jar of candies or sweets, see who can guess the correct number in the jar without counting them.

•Capture The Pumpkin — Something a little more challenging. Just like capture the flag, you have 2 teams in which you have to retrieve the opposite teams pumpkin and bring it back to your base.

Haunted House

First things first is make sure you are thinking of making an age appropriate Haunted House. You don’t want to make a group of 4 year olds scared out of their wits or create an underwhelming experience for 12 year olds.

Not everyone has a huge house to create a route through to follow but decorating a room is totally awesome too!

You can theme the room or just go with some ideas and tips from below:

•Lighting is very important. Lights on or lights off will not add the creepy effect. You purchase some lights or hire them which splash colours of greens, yellow and purples up the walls or over featured decoration in the room. If your budget doesn’t permit extra lighting, you could give each guest a flashlight for them to find their way around the Haunted House

•Spiderwebs, cobwebs, lots of them!! These are inexpensive and go along way on creepy decoration. All you have to do is stretch them out of their package and attach them to furniture, frames and anything in the room really. Whats more creepy then getting caught up in some cobwebs

•Make use of some of the furniture you have in the room like chairs and position fake skeletons on them and you could add some spiderwebs to theme as well

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

•Get the whole family involved and have them dress up as characters in the Haunted House to jump out and scare your guests or play a part of the Mad Scientist or Creepy Zombie.

•A fog machine can really add atmosphere to the room with it releasing fog in intervals so not to smoke out your guests or set off the fire alarms.

•Have a creepy soundtrack playing low like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v2XR6zmZ4Ps

•Then add the finishing touches by hanging bats and ghosts. Use decorations such as fake blood, skulls, hazmat suits, heads in a jar, or gory “bodies” if you want a more adult, scary theme.

For the Big Bears

Netflix and Thrills!

For the teens or for a creepy night in with a few friends, how about a Scary Movie Night! Choose your scary movie, grab the popcorn and turn the lights off. It’s a classic but we love it.

The Devils Dinner

Have a gruesome gathering of friends and family to cook your favourite meal fit for the Devil himself. You can add to the theme of the night by trying some of these ideas:

•Create a creepy lighting by using candles to light the room and the dining table

Photo by Echo Grid

•Drape dark fabric or gauze ripped over the windows to create an eery darkness to the room

•Serve Up your bloodiest red grape drink

•Decorate the table with the occasional fake rat, body part and plenty of cobwebs. Along with Black and brass coloured table lanterns and mini pumpkins.

Photo by freestocks.org

•If you feel like going all out, play some halloween dinner music in the background like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XjvjbriIDvs

Do you have any tips or ideas for throwing a scary or sophisticated Halloween party? We’d love to hear from you, share your thoughts with us!

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