Simple party alternatives

Party planning can be like planning a wedding sometimes but you can definitely make things a little more low key, meaningful and simple by trying a few of these ideas and tips

  • For a faster, free and environmentally friendly idea, try sending electronic invitation! You can use a free e-invite from the internet or just a WhatsApp or Facebook group can work too.

  • Parties can create a huge amount of waste and money so go for reusable decorations which you can use year after year or even over different holiday celebrations.

  • Think yourself a decent crafter, then why not make your own decorations? There are plenty of how to guides on YouTube and this can make the party a little more personal.

  • Feeling confident? Let your children make the party decor instead of doing them yourself or getting lots from the party shops.

  • This ones our favourite.......balloons!! Lots and lots of balloons. Now we’re not saying to go all out and book a ginormous balloon installation but a mix of helium balloons and air filled balloons can really decorate a room and on a budget. They can also double up as a party favour too 🎈

  • When we were kids, we generally skipped the fancy party bag and just took home a piece of the birthday cake.

  • Or give something longer lasting like a plant pot and seed set for your guests to grow their own flower or a educational puzzle which will challenge them. You can find affordable options of these at any budget store like Diaso, Miniso, or Mumuso.

  • Why not have the party as the favour? Go somewhere which the children a experience something like laser tag, mini golf, water park, cinema etc.

  • Don’t have space at home and it’s a beautiful day outside, take the party to the park. It’s free and will also have its own entertainment to offer (swings, slides, play structures etc) but don’t forget to check with park security about booking your date. Some smaller parks will have restricted numbers of parties per day.

  • Feeding your guests is always important but doesn’t have to be complicated. You could order pizza 🍕 which can be done 1 hour before you plan to eat or be a little more ahead of schedule and cook a lagsana, tagine or casserole which you can eat cold or simply reheat

Bake your own simple birthday cake rather than ordering a insanely themed one from a bakery. You can decorate it with colorful frosting and sprinkles, or add a simple cake topper.

  • You can double up your desserts with a craft activity by letting the little ones decorate plain cakes and cupcakes with icing and sprinkles.

  • The quickest way to lower the cost is to lower the number of guests. How about trying number of friends to number of years e.g 7th birthday, 7 friends.

By doing some of the above ideas and discussing them with the birthday celebrant whilst planning the party, you can help them understand your reasoning for it. Whether that be for environmental reasons, financial or bringing your closest family and friends together.

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