Fed up with having the same soft play at every occasion?

Well, here is our super cool, fresh soft play pods which can get you excited!!

Soft Play Pod

Our Soft Play Pod play area covers an area of 5m x 4m or 3m x 4m and has 2 levels of fun-filled activity for the children using the facility.

The floor is padded throughout the inside of the area and the Soft Play Pods themselves are surrounded by colourful safety netting.

The area has been designed to accommodate up to 15 children from toddlers up to 7 years old

Ball Pit

Amazing blue ball pit to go with our Soft play Pod or just on its own. 

1.8m x 1.8m with padded sides and soft mats underneath.

Soft Cylinder Bridge

A nice little add on to the ball pit or the ​Soft Play Pod  to climb over and crawl under on floor level. 

In matching pink and blue mix